Print Mavericks Group Show Submission

Print Mavericks

17th June – 5th July 2020

A Call-to-Arms for the boldest, most innovative, interactive and playful printmakers of the land. Print Mavericks will be showcasing the process driven mastery of the craft for those who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries, break the mould and toy with the status quo.

We will be laying down the tools of the craft for all to see as we experiment with process, technique and interaction to bring together emerging and established artists to the cutting edge of printmaking. With the opportunity for artists to showcase their matrix, plate and tools we are offering a rare glimpse into the process of understanding printmaking in a gallery setting.
We are looking for artwork that interacts with the intrinsic aspects of print such as repetition, copy, replica, embossing, engraving as well as the use of materials that allude to print and the evolution of print as well as the future of print. Artists with interactive concepts, artists who have mastered the fine intricacies of print, who tell stories and capture scenes with precise drawing and rendering skills. This is your call.

Exhibition Highlights:

An interactive stamping wall with each artist given a stamp to carve their own design

Various workshops that will run alongside the exhibition for adults and children

Artists will be invited to include their matrix, plate and tools (optional and at no charge)

Please send three examples of your work to

Submission Deadline: 10 April 2020

Curated by: Jessie Balletta

Image Courtesy: Troppo Print Studio