20 July – 06 August: red ball – the fine art of footy

20 July – 6 August

Bad graphics, earnest commentary, back-stories and scandal, heroes and villains, bogans and toffs, families and ferals, pageantry and drama. The game of our own is no longer the same, and this humorous, thought-provoking exhibition explores the painted grass roots of contemporary sport and its head-high collision with the art world.

20 artists respond to the great game in a group exhibition, including

Kirsty Fletcher, Dave Bowers, Jim Pavlidis, Polly Hollyoak, Steve May, Ainsley Walters, Kenny Pittock, Saffron Lily Gordon, Michael Weldon, Dave O’Brien, Marea Reed, Kim Wall, Ian Westwood, Valerio Ciccone, Nick Howson, Carol Porter, Alfred Liu, Gary Solomon among others

opening 6PM Wednesday 20 July

red gallery

157 St Georges Rd,

Fitzroy North, VIC, 3068

Phone: 03 9482 3550