9 May – 26 May 2012: Robyn Rich + Catherine Hull Sinclair

Gallery 3


Robyn Rich

Fascinated with where we find beauty and what we find beautiful? Robyn Rich explores a charm in the contrast between the functional and the delicate. Why is it that an old meat plate that has been handed down and treasured or an old tap no longer in use that is left to rust beautiful? A collector of old china, tools and bric-a-brac Robyn Rich works’ reflect her surrounds and love of these objects. Fascinated by the odd placements of everyday objects that can be aesthetically pleasing compositions include a colander on top a young girls head.




Catherine Hull Sinclair

Inspired by the intricate details found in nature these paintings reflect a reverence for the beauty in our natural and man made environments. Having traveled Catherine Hull Sinclair has an aesthetic appreciation for ornate artifacts from cultures both past and present. Observations made to the degradation of our environment inspire questions about the future of animals and plants on our planet; how do creatures survive and even thrive in our man made and controlled worlds.