9 May – 26 May 2012: Pam Jackson + Steph Bolt – Everywhere

Gallery 2

Pam Jackson and Steph Bolt explore similar themes in their art practice. Both investigate the commonplace and everyday experiences.


Steph Bolt photo-documents daily life to produce work that incorporates both print and sculptural media. She is interested in the common person in their local environment and examines universal human gesture.


Pam Jackson also uses printmaking methods to investigate the common and universal plastic chair and the connection we make with its role in everyday life. Both artists research colour and scale to emphasize and draw attention to what may otherwise go unnoticed.

There is a cultural and emotional content to the works of these artists which implies interactions and relationships between people, yet offering a degree of anonymity to the viewer. Both artists are interested in observing the ordinary aspects of life, respecting the significance of the everyday experience, everywhere