9 May – 26 May 2012: Linda Shuhin + John Wynn-Tweg



Linda Shuhin

Linda Shuhin explores ideas on the human condition, her practice is an exploration of the complexity of our lives, the essence of ourselves – indeed our very state of being. Through figurative imagery, gestural mark making and the use of recurrent symbolism, she investigates the human condition, in particular ideas about the intricacy of human emotion and the psychological limitations of our consciousness. These works draw on a variety of notions, including pressure, control, direction and transformation, also explored are concepts about being bound or obedient to our emotions in order to establish the extent that we are determined by our past experiences and relationships.




John Wynn-Tweg

With an appreciation for both traditional and contemporary art John Wynn-Tweg combines old and new practices to create mixed media works on canvas. Small drawings or studies are blown up and then painted on with acrylics, inks or watercolours. The gestures found in these small works are maintained but transformed with the use of new media. Inks and watercolours used on the original study are then reused on the canvas, behaving differently and requiring new or adapted methods. Drawn to things no longer considered useful or that are overlooked these paintings are intriguing yet calm. Inherent qualities of the medium and process to suggest other worlds