9 July - 26 July 2008: Christine Martin - Permanence

9 July - 26 July 2008: Christine Martin - Permanence


Gallery 1

The works in Permanence are inspired by people, war and unfamiliar landscapes. Executed in permanent texta, acrylic, nail polish and enamel paint this exhibition revisits Martin’s childhood style of drawing, when the artist would lose herself in patterns and colours and decoration.

“War places people in surreal situations, and parts of wars passed stick in my head like no other history does. By war, I also mean the wars we face inside ourselves. I reveal the beauty of conflict, the beauty you get when you take a good hard look at the dark side.”

This juxtaposition of content and style is perhaps also a comment on the contemporary phenomena of war as entertainment on television, and the heroic stylizing of propaganda images through print and electronic distribution. War in a pop world becomes hyper surreal, and Martin’s hyper colours reflect this.

Martin has a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Diploma of Education from the University of Melbourne and has exhibited in group and solo shows in Melbourne.