9 April – 26 April 2014: Barbara Bolt – Two Drawings


Barbara Bolt’s current series of drawings, Elegy to an Oz Republic, 2012 and Black with No Way Out (after Motherwell), 2012 investigate the entanglement of matter and meaning and how a new materialist framework shifts the focus from signification to force and effect.

Bolt’s work allows us to consider not what a figurative drawing represents, but what are the conditions through which it works. Through referencing Robert Motherwell’s 1983 lithograph Black with No Way Out, Bolt’s drawing focuses attention on the expansive forces that operate in figuration as much as in abstraction. Her works demonstrate how the massing black weighs on us, lines quiver, and shapes push and shove against each other and topple over.

Through returning to the so-called “formal” language of art and demonstrating how the plane of material rises up into and becomes indistinguishable from the plane of composition,[1] her drawings are concerned with how the expansive force that is art undoes “the image” and produces something true-to-life.

[1] Deleuze, G. and Guattari, F. (1994) What is philosophy?, New York: Columbia University Press. p. 166