7 November – November 25 2006: Graham Doyle – Self-Portraits and Other Nightmares


Gallery 1

A man sits alone in the park watching the leaves twirl and the occasional bird industriously flitting back and forth. The bleached wooden bench lies softly beneath him. It’s not peak hour in the park right now. The occasional person walks past, the occasional boisterous child throws themselves onto the grass and the odd cyclist cuts through.

A small black sketch book sits on his lap and a pen becomes a prosthetic limb as it flows from his fingers. Self to paper, paper to self, self to paper. The book’s black binding holds the extended lobes of his cerebrum. The pages are filled with green squiggles, black surly lines and pencil sketched with tippex highlights.

Graeme Doyle’s work is raw and honest. Nothing is hidden from the viewer. The pages from his black book lie chaffed, bare and unfeigned. Self portraits and other nightmares is the splaying of Doyle’s mind and the viewer is invited for a glimpse between binding.

Graham Doyle’s friend, Peter Wegner, was the 2006 winner of the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize with his painting of Graeme Doyle entitled Wounded Poet 2006. Doyle has been Wegner’s subject for over 100 portraits. Where Wegner has exposed the surface of Doyle, self portraits and other nightmares unravels the interior.