7 July 2021 – 25 July 2021 G.4 Elaine Batton ‘Muted Beauty’

Elaine’s works celebrate beauty and colour.  Whilst contemporary art often explores diverse concepts, messages and approaches, her work gives a voice to beauty and seeks to ensure that the art of beauty in fine art and nature continues to be explored.

Fine art photography in a painterly style. Works which celebrates the colour and beauty of nature (portraiture, nature and abstract landscapes) in a unique and vibrant style. Elaine’s work has been influenced by nature, colour and paintings from impressionist, renaissance art through to contemporary painterly influences.

“Muted Beauty”: Considerations of  beauty during this year of Coronavirus and isolation.

The works provide a metaphor for how beauty continues, albeit in a quieter, gentler way, receding to the background against a tide of change, challenges and impacts. Beauty still exists around us, but is unable to resonate loudly, it is still there, quieter, and at times faded and declining as our immediate world seems smaller, narrower. Surrounded by emptiness and darkness as the day to day world is shallower and lacking some of the depth and diversity of our pre-covid time). Yet the whisper will continue, it will gradually have a louder voice, its protest against our loneliness a voice that echoes silently in these times. but for now its steadfast presence allows for comfort as it accompanies our journey.

Opening Event: Wednesday 7 July, 6pm – 8pm

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