7 July 2021 – 25 July 2021 G.2. Noah Spivak ‘Finite Visions’

Finite Visions is a quiet exploration of liquid silver and the material reactions that occur during the mirror-making process. Spivak frames moments of light and texture; evolving surfaces that are rooted in alchemy. The evanescence of each work reminds artist and viewer alike to keep focus on what’s in front of them and to remain present in times of uncertainty.

Spivak has spent the last three years exploring the alchemical reactions of the 18th century, specifically silver’s relationship with glass. Having become proficient in the art of mirror making, the artist feels it necessary to pay homage to the elements that make such magic possible. Surface, light and silver used together to pull our attention in close rather than presenting the distractions of our reflected selves.

The resulting series fragments the realities that surround it by manipulating available light to help disguise their surfaces. Superfluously metallic, each work resembles that of a different material – though they begin to reveal themselves as the viewer moves through the gallery. Each picture plane coming alive as light is refracted upon their textured surface; glass panels used to exemplify silver’s long running history as a precious element.

Each pane looks inward, casting their broken gaze on a time-lapse of the chemical reaction that made each of them possible. A softened imagining of silver strewn about the gallery as if to contrast the very material that made them. It’s this profound versatility that has kept Spivak in the pursuit of understanding such an elusive and historic medium. Finite Visions is simply, a manifestation of obsession.

Opening Event: Wednesday 7 July, 6pm – 8pm

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