6 July – 23 July 2011: Callum Linsell, Lauren Crosling, Rozanna Nazar + Emily Marcic – Liminality

Gallery 2

In this exhibition four artists explore the notion of liminality in their respective photographic practices. Each seeks to express personal representation, subjective or objective interpretation of a symbolic or meaningful moment, celebrating the process from one defining juncture to another.


Callum Linsell

Pure distortion of individual personality manifests within the restrictions of society.  It is because of these social limitations we all consequentially bare a mask, a structure built to protect integrity and purity, when in reality it is this very facet that distorts our natural and rightful identity. I aim to demonstrate these concepts of social entrapment and restraint throughout my series ‘Pressurized’. My work is performative but shares a strange relationship with an overall desperate and despondent emotion. The clawing of the face distorts shadows and expressions as a blatant yet poetic representation of society’s strange hold and control on one’s persona. 


Lauren Crosling

Memory plays a vital part in the evolution of an individual. The memories of the people I have been exposed to during my life seem to hold the definition of my personal makeup and creation of self. It is the relationships we hold within our web of communication that play a vital part of who we are. Everyone has a story. Throughout my body of work I explore both individual and shared experience, within the connections and disconnections of relationships.


Emily Marcic

There are powerful connections between colour and emotion. When being confronted with a specific colour one may struggle to repress an emotional pull towards a heightened sense and bare a connection to an identifiable memory, feeling or association to that particular colour. This form of colour therapy is designed to re-establish unacknowledged meaning of the liminal and transitional states of significant junctures experienced in life. This series has been carefully constructed to explore the mental and emotional connection associated to physical Illness, specifically the diagnosis of my partner’s cancer and the way in which he relates his turbulent process and infirmity to colours.


Rozanna Nazar

My work is a silent expression of space, dreams and experiences, a hyper reality which I constantly encounter. These dreams and experiences throw me into turmoil, amplifying my thoughts and altering my perceptions of what I see, feel and think. Clouds are my subjects, representing my dreams. The theme of my work is centered around the idea of liminality; the threshold between here and there.

All four artists are students of photography at RMIT University. This is the first time that they have exhibited at red gallery.