5 May 2021 – 23 May 2021 G.3 Beatrice Magalotti

Beatrice Magalotti ‘Migration Series’

“Arrival” is one of the pieces that developed out of Beatrice’s residency in Denmark, and is part of my Migration Series. As the daughter of migrants, she is keen to explore notions of identity and travel associated with migration. Inspired by her research into boats in Denmark, and the hull of Barca Nostra at the 2019 Venice Biennale, her work evokes the bitter-sweet narratives of migration.The hand-sewn sacks and crudely stitched seams on the boat are metaphors for fragility, the act of mending clothes and patching together our lives. “Arrival” depicts the ending of a difficult and uncertain journey, where the migrants are absent, possibly having moved on.

This work is both a celebration of migration as a new beginning and a personal protest against the way most developed countries approach migration.

Opening Drinks: Wednesday 5 May

Time: 6pm – 8pm