5 February – 23 February: RED 1 Tania Matilda RED 2 Anne Forwood RED 3 Billie Baker

RED Gallery 1

Tania Matilda, Discarded

“I once read a book about a time and place where society had become so good at inventing machines to make products that there was an overabundance of things produced. They then felt the need to invent machines to help them consume the items they had made and it became a major task for that society just to consume everything.”

Tania has been collecting old furniture and other discarded items to use as surfaces to paint and draw on. Items that were no longer wanted as cupboard doors or chairs but now perhaps they will be consumed by society as art. There’s always such an abundance of old things people have thrown away because they want to buy new things. She has collected quite a large amount of discarded items and it has become her major task in life to consume them in a sustainable way, repurposing them into artistic expressions. Her convergence of geometric shapes, abstract intersections and collage sit neatly in her unique surfaces which take on an array of shapes and sizes.

About the Artist

Tania is a Melbourne based artist who enjoys creating abstract art on recycled material and studied her Bachelor in Fine Arts at RMIT in 2017. I have also used images from old magazines that were thrown out and collaged them into my work. The paintings and drawings I have created around them are pieces of my unconscious mind, using the technique similar to the ‘Automatic Drawings’ which was developed by the Surrealist and only when filling in the initial drawing with colour do I give consideration to what the final piece will look like which gives a balance of absolute abstract with no control and a considered deliberate piece of artwork.

RED Gallery 2

Anne Forwood, Smart Gentle Loving

Smart Gentle Loving presents images of women with their greyhounds and greyhound portraits. The grace and gentle elegance of these hounds, mostly rescued from the racing industry, is captivating. They are individual personalities not running machines with their own presence and essence. Her work captures a warmth and mutual connection between the greyhounds and their owners as well as the unique and individual personalities of the greyhounds themselves. Originally inspired by traditional paintings of women with their hunting dogs, Anne reworks the notion of nobility, emphasising compassion and resilience.

About the Artist

Anne Forwood was born and has always lived in Victoria, apart from eight years in the Northern Territory during the 1980’s. Anne’s recent art work has focused on women, their vulnerability and their strength. The vulnerability of women to the appalling acts perpetrated in our supposedly civilised society is depicted in her images of victims of violence. Strength is embodied in portraits of women with their hounds, representing calm leadership and a bond that is based on understanding and mutual trust rather than dominance. Anne works mainly with ink, watercolour and pencil on paper and oils and acrylics on board and canvas.

RED Gallery 3

Billie Baker, Silbo

Time and Timelessness seem to intersect for human benefit and instruction. In nature everything is an exchange of energy, either physical and tangible or intangible. Silbo explores one’s perspective of time and the notion that time is interchangeable in environments that we exist. We experience things happening and time is unnoticed as we go through these experiential moments. La Gomera has the energy of synchronicity, you follow paths and roads that eventually all connect to the same places, but time feels like it has been misplaced. Every path you take feels as though you’re taken to where you are supposed to be in that specific moment. In Greek Mythology there are terms used for these moments, Chronos and Kairos. Chronos refers to chronological or sequential time and Kairos was the Greek God who symbolised chance, fortune and every example of meaningful coincidence. Kairos is in play when things happen unpredictably, but at just the right moment.

Silbo displays how one can be connected to a place, from the creation of video and still imagery. Billie is constructing a talismanic space for others to be submerged into the island life of Gomera, an escape from the city. Emphasizing the tranquillity of this untouched environment, and the way that time changes the pace of the lifestyle. The video imagery is a symbol of how patience and gratitude go hand in hand on this island, the nature of taking in the surroundings without time, using hues of mauve tones which has historically been a colour to evoke calmness. Mauve utilizes both red and blue to provide a complimentary balance between serenity and romance that is supposed to encourage creativity. An artist residency is a space for contemplation and creativity, a time to reflect, research and produce work. The use of purple hues places emphasis on the contemplative space. The transparent photographic prints are layered to show how the island is built from layers upon layers of mountains and deep ravines. The postcard imagery is an additional aspect of the exhibit as it’s a traditional and known way to communicate with loved ones whilst travelling; an art form that is slowly being dropped by the use of technology, paying homage to traditional ways of communication.

About the Artist

Billie Baker is a photographic artist who works in both film and digital photography. She currently bases herself in inner city Melbourne. She recently (2017) completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Design in Photography and Situated Media at the University of Technology, Sydney, with an exhibition at the UTS gallery for her work Peeper (2017). As a photographer, Billie has always been drawn to photographing people, her artistic projects see her interpreting dream like qualities using the human form and natural landscapes as a source of influence. Exploring various meanings behind the spiritual beings of humans and the environment, much of Billie’s inspiration comes from travel. Throughout her career, she has seen herself living in London and Barcelona as well as spending much time working in the west coast of France and Spain, and travelling through areas of Morocco, Mexico and California. Her travel frequently shows throughout her work using landscapes in a documentary style of photography. Her most recent project is a series which took her back through the Americas, discovering unique environments based around jungles, oceans and deserts using colours and memory as a source to evoke emotions from environmental impacts. From this series her work as grown into an in-depth investigation on environmental factors and psychological effects of colour on human beings. Through this imagery, Billie consistently conveys the euphoric visuals that she has always been drawn too, giving a whole other dimension for the viewer to understand.