14 August – 31 August 2013: Sittoula Sitlakone – Undercurrents


Gallery 1 + 2

Laos born Australian artist Sittoula Sitlakone employs the activist strategies of street art fused with the vernacular of advertising in a discussion around Australian identity. Utilising the tactics of culture jamming or subvertising, Sitlakone takes existing cultural icons and subverts them for the purposes of political critique. National identity, cross cultural pollinations, the finite nature of resources and humanity’s impact on the environment are all addressed with a satirical wit and humour.

Employing a diverse array of mediums from screen-printing and neon sculpture through to more traditional painterly approaches, Sitlakone also incorporates stencilling techniques that in part, reference the artist’s background in manufacturing. This results in a slick production process that at times, can appear mechanically rendered.¬†Undercurrents,¬†produces a dialogue about the ebb and flux of cross cultural forces, raising questions around what it means to be Australian in our current post colonial condition.