4 September – 21 September 2013: Josh Hook – Everything’s Fine


Gallery 3

Everything’s Fine furthers Hook’s exploration of drawing as a storytelling device. The seemingly familiar imagery gleaned from a domestic context, is used to establish an immediate connection with the viewer. However, there is an insidiousness to these works that belies the readings they initially generate and closer inspection will reveal an ominous undercurrent or a sense of disquiet. The viewer can either invest in this sense of foreboding, or take a different route and maintain that everything is in fact, fine.

Hook employs a unique linear approach to tonal modelling that is becoming synonymous with his drawing style. Characteristically, these narrative based works only reveal limited parts of the story. There is a sense that meaning can be located between the lines; from what is not said – leaving viewers to their own devices.  This absence of information produces an amplification of tension that challenges more traditional modes of illustration with its propensity to elaborate on the narrative.

Everything’s Fine is Hook’s third solo exhibition. He graduated from RMIT in 2011 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and has been included in numerous group shows in Melbourne over the past six years. Working primarily in the field of drawing, Hook’s practice also encompasses animation and installation.