4 May – 21 May 2011: Aly Aitken – Baggage


Gallery 1

The paintings in this show were undertaken as a form of catharsis, a sacrificial purging of the old to allow an emotional and psychological shift to occur. Each is about home, the home you carry around inside your head. Together they describe an interior space that, although based on actual physical settings, speaks more about a personal, hidden, twilight place. The images are caught between one day and the next, between psychosis and reality, between an old life and a new one. The collected works in this show are a last grasp at the lingering shadows of an abandoned world that has provided a life’s worth of trap doors and secret tunnels. They were painted as small invocations to protection. They are the last vision of my fortified bunker, of my dark spaces, its inhabitants and all its baggage, before it is pulled down. And walls built anew.–  Aly Aitken 

Aly Aitken graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) from RMIT University in 2008 and has exhibited regularly since. In 2009 Aly had a solo exhibition at red gallery, titled Don’t Leave Home If You Don’t Have ToBaggage is Aly’s fourth solo exhibition and her second exhibition at red gallery.

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