4 December – 20 December: Hannah Beilharz – Structures of Survival

Now is a time of healing for Hannah Beilharz, her poignant ongoing project Structures of Survival immerses and explores the process of healing from trauma through sculpture, video projection, the written word and drawing. In a year ravaged with destruction, change and evaluation her work, although specifically, explores the process of her own lived experience of healing from intimate partner violence which is informed deeply by her own personal experience, is reflective of a deep journey of healing through all trauma.

Utilising the architectural forms of personal domestic spaces, the works will explore the impacts of abuse through an ephemeral and fragmentary aesthetic. Familiar objects are re-imagined through their deconstruction, reflecting the complex, tumultuous and non-linear journey of recovery.  Structures of Survival presents the incredible resilience, strength and fragility of the self within recovery from trauma and abuse. This exhibition seeks to create a space for discussion and reflection on the prevalence of domestic violence in our society, as well as the importance of hope and recovery for victim-survivors of domestic and family violence.

In addition to the exhibition, there will be a performative response to the works by contemporary dancer and movement artists Catherine Magill. Through a dialogue between sculpture, space and dance, this performance will further unpack how the self rebuilds from the deep and significant trauma of abusive relationships.


Hannah Beilharz has been working and exhibiting in Narrm for the past five years. Beilharz’s practice incorporates printmaking, video and sculpture in site-responsive and immersive installations. Her work explores how power structures and inequality impacts communities and individuals, both to encourage action within the present, and imagine alternative futures.

A4 Isolation Madness 

3 December 2020 – 20 December 2020

Opening Event: Thursday 3rd December 6pm with durational performances starting at 6:15pm