4 December – 20 December: Graeme Lee – A4 Isolation Madness

One hundred works span  A4 Isolation Madness which echoes the turbulent, confusing, disturbing and almost manic moments within the confines of lockdown in Melbourne this year. Graeme Lee experiments with mixed media in these perfectly ordered A4 drawings that quantify the passing of time with themes such as travelling abroad and interactions with local outside spaces such as Carlton Gardens. The erratic, energetic and feverish wash portraits and works express the disturbing times with which we live in and the manic, mental creative process within these times.

Graeme Lee taught Fine Art’s in Secondary Schools in rural Victoria, London and Melbourne. He has exhibited and sold works in New York, the Australian Print Workshop and the Cambridge Gallery. He has a series of prints and drawings in the Commonwealth Bank, Box Hill Hospital and a number of private collections.

A4 Isolation Madness 

3 December 2020 – 20 December 2020

Opening Event: Thursday 3rd December 12pm – 5pm