4 - 21 February 2015: Peter Quarry - Identigrams

4 - 21 February 2015: Peter Quarry - Identigrams



In his second solo show at red gallery, Quarry investigates a new visual language. Dissecting traditional portraiture to its very core, he attempts to reconfigure the communication of identity.

Quarry calls his new works ‘Identigrams’. They expose the multiple levels of identity – those elements that add up to create a whole person. Quarry aims to delve behind the face to show the layers that constitute a subject.

In the production of these works Quarry is led by a series of questions:

How can I move beyond representation to portray an individual?

Can form, shape, pattern, and/or colour communicate a personality?

Does composition convey the synergy, the complexity of a human being?

Quarry is a prolific portrait painter – perhaps not surprising given his long career as a psychologist. Ten years ago, his interest in making art ignited while at RMIT studying Interior Design. He is currently completing a Diploma of Visual Art at Latrobe College of Art + Design. He has exhibited widely in Melbourne in both group and solo shows.