30 May – 16 June 2012: Kate Gorringe-Smith – An Instinct for Mapping


Gallery 3

Kate Gorringe-Smith is a printmaker and illustrator.  Her works have explored the notions of mapping, journey, traversing and the migrations of people and animals, since the time began. In these new works An Instinct for Mapping we see an inquiry into the Bar-tailed Godwit through etchings and lino cut.

A Bar-tailed Godwit was recorded travelling from her breeding ground in Alaska to New Zealand, in over 8 days and nights of continuous flying. This is the longest non-stop migratory flight of any bird ever recorded. No-one knows when they first began their epic journeys. No-one really knows how they navigate. A godwit can fly over 464,000 km over the course of its lifetime.

The distance from the earth to the moon is only 384,399 km.