30 March – 16 April 2011: Sheila D’Cruz and Keiko Murakami – Relievo/Intaglio


Gallery 1

In Keiko’s works the dynamics of attraction and repulsion and the interface between the id and the outside world are explored. Keiko is interested in producing opulent imagery in which the disturbing excesses of the body represent the psychological spillage of our internal lives. She is entranced by the inherent beauty of the natural world, and some of the works question our relationship to nature – endangered species literally vanish before our eyes, pretty girls morph into marsupials, and butterflies appear flying close to the characters heads as if escaping from a dream.

In the last six years Keiko has exhibited regularly in Melbourne. This is her first exhibition at red gallery.

In Sheila D’Cruz’s prints birds sing and dance, sit in solitude or go about their daily lives – as do people. The oriental motifs are derived from the artist’s interest in Asian decorative arts.  She has integrated Chinese and Japanese floral and bird motifs with patterns from Malaysian batik sarongs to develop images with subtle and ambiguous themes. The swirl of flowers and patterns are not merely for decoration but to express movement and the mood of the moment.

Sheila D'Cruz

Sheila D’Cruz

Born in Malaysia, Sheila arrived in Melbourne in 1977. She completed an arts degree at Melbourne University and worked for several years in a ‘non-artistic environment’ until returning to art school in 2004.  She has since graduated with a Diploma in Visual Arts as well as undertaken Advanced Professional Art Studies. This is her first exhibition at red gallery.