30 March – 16 April 2011: James Riches – Trace Element


Gallery 2

A figurative artist, James Riches creates work that reveals an interest in the relationship between the figure and space; where the figure ‘fits’ into its physical environment. However this idea leads to more abstract explorations into the nature of drawing and the representation of form. Focusing on materials and process within his practice, the evolution of ideas take place through time spent in preparing and selecting materials, often working with small pieces of source material (a photograph or drawing) in developing imagery. Alongside the figure, this process reveals archetypal symbols: The road, the bridge, the tree. The repetition of certain imagery offers the potential for narrative, but more critically brings to light subtle variations, nuances and rhythms.

James Riches completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts from RMIT in 2008. In the last seven years he has exhibited widely in Australia and the US. This is James’ first exhibition at red gallery.

James usually works within a figurative mode of drawing that finds a subtle equilibrium between observational and conceptual responses to the human subject. His work is always distinguished by the acute sensitivity and refined process of its making.

Godwin Bradbeer, Artist and former Senior Lecturer RMIT, 2010.