30 July 2021 – 15 August 2021 G.4 Cinda Manins ‘Elapse’

Cinda’s artist narrative explores the relationship of humanity to the environment and raises questions about our exploitation of the earth’s resources by envisaging a post human future. She is also interested in representations of the concept of time, contrasting biological and geological time.

Elapse is a solo exhibition of hand built abstract ceramic sculptures and digital time lapse photography.  The narrative is grounded in contrasting scales of time – human time and geological time and envisage a possible future, after the Anthropocene. It creates distant and dystopian view of a post human world where the earth has consumed remnants of built human society. A ‘return to the earth’, conjured by silhouettes of barren land. Geology endures in its harsh beauty, retaining records of millennia passed.

Opening Event: Friday 6 August, 6pm – 8pm (TBC)