3 October – 20 October 2012: Rebeccah Power – Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?


Gallery 3

Rebeccah Power executes her latest body of work in a quirky and idiosyncratic painterly language. Using television documentaries based on history and archeology as a starting point, these works celebrate the act of discovery and the processes of uncovering new and unknown territories.

In her drawings, Power employs the medium of watercolour on paper with the addition of ink. Delicate linear mark making is combined with vibrant aqueous pools of colour that amalgamate, stain and repel around areas of negative space. Power exploits the expressive potential of these painterly drips and bleeds with a multihued palette, paying tribute to certain areas with lines and dots as well as highly saturated paint.

The combination of these opposing artistic approaches generates a tension in the work that elicits

a heightened sense of drama and foregrounding. This is further emphasized by the visceral tactility of the materials used.

I instinctively began to take photos from the television while watching series such as Time Team and the X Files.  These images combined with photographs taken when visiting real archeological sites in Peru, South America, have become the point of departure for a body of work.”

Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? was produced over the past few years between other series of works that respond to feminist concerns around gender, identity and authority. Conversely, this series represents a culmination of Power’s fascination with the archeological discoveries that probe deep existential questions into the nature of human existence. The results of which have manifested into an inquisitive, playful and visually engaging, body of work.