3 October – 20 October 2012: Kirsty Fletcher – Anthropogenically Modified Organisms



Gallery 2

Centered on a mix ‘n’ match Noah’s Ark procession, Kirsty Fletcher’s new exhibition is a mutant safari of cardboard creatures inspired by nursery motifs and children’s toys.

Giraffe in tampon box plaid pants exist amongst hybrid rocking horses and strange bird-girls, deer in neon socks cavort next to a fluorescent camel caravan. Fletcher’s works mythologise both the everyday and the monumental experiences in her life, drawing the viewer into a fantastical world of make-believe.

These small scale sculptures are produced from reclaimed and found packaging and ephemera including tram tickets, beer cartons and cardboard boxes salvaged by Fletcher, her friends and family. As such, the final works are a palimpsest of the current consumption patterns of the people around her.

Conceived in part, as prototypes for mass production, the creation process involves making a pattern and then hand-crafting unique iterations. Formally, the pieces are informed by pop-up books and wooden toy technology with their simple volumetric composition and rudimentary mechanisms. In a fetishistic exploitation of the ‘hands-off’ policy of most galleries, the works are often kinetic or involve moving parts. The mind has to imagine what might happen if the hands were allowed to touch.