3 October – 20 October 2012: Julie Bradley – Shape Shifting


Gallery 1

Julie Bradley’s multi layered compositions evoke symbolic incarnations of plants and animals from the Australian landscape. In Shape Shifting Bradley explores the processes of transformation, creating tableaus where forms emerge, overlap and dissipate. This produces areas of transparency and opacity that conjure up oppositions of absence and presence as well as a sense of flux and motion.

Utilising gestural washes of gouache, detailed observational drawings and stencilled silhouettes, Bradley also incorporates collaged cut outs of hand made paper. These approaches are interjected with rectilinear panels of colour that demarcate the picture plane, obscuring and redefining positive and negative space.

In these works the figure morphs into alternative forms and merges with fine line drawings of flora and fauna. At times the viewer is able to discern the blurred flutter of a wing here, the silhouette of a mammal there, yet the whole cannot be visualised in its entirety and the image shifts depending on your point of focus.

These works investigate notions of connectivity with the natural environment and allude to an emotional landscape that encompasses various states of being. Espousing stories drawn from personal experiences this series also connects with universal narratives that have been told for generations.