3 November – 20 November 2010: Kir Larwill – small things: An Exhibition of Monoprints


Gallery 1

small things is about the beauty and meaning that can be found in the everyday. It is an exploration of household objects and familiar surrounds, and of the humour, weight and significance of ordinary things. There’s hope in a bucket, loyalty in an occasional table, and comfort in a mixing bowl.

All the pieces in this exhibition are unique state, one-off prints. They are made with multi-plate layers, the final work often having been run through the press four, five, even six times. These multiple pressings give Larwill’s images a tactile, organic quality, suggestive of the worn, the used, and  the hand-made. The palette is deliberately cool, and quiet, drawing attention to the drawn line and the scratched, textured surface of the print.

Kir Larwill is a printmaker and visual artist who lives and works in Castlemaine, Victoria. Kir has been working as part of a group of artists who meet and make prints together each week at Diana Orinda Burns’ Studio Paradiso in Sandon, near Newstead. These prints are a result of precious mornings of work out at Sandon, sandwiched between home, small boy and part time work in community development.