3 July – 20 July 2013: Ignacio Rojas Corral – Double Entendre


Gallery 3

These bold and complex images have been inspired by a deep theoretic engagement with the notion of identity, which is inherently layered. In these beguiling portrayals of alternating presence and absence, tonality is employed to an electrifying degree, resulting in a visual experience that reflects the fluctuating nature of consciousness, subjectivity and selfhood.

Through an almost mechanised system, these works have been meticulously constructed using painted dots, which imbue the surface with a digital quality. Precision, planning and astonishing technical skill are vital elements in Rojas Corral’s practice and the result is a body of work that is hybrid by design, combining photo-realism, digital art and stenciling.

The viewer must take an active role in discovering the content of these works, and they demand a prolonged investigation in order to discover the extent of their mutability. This interaction creates a form of dialogue that relies on perception, multiplicity, obscurity and revelation, all of which are key concepts in the artist’s examination of Australian identity from a postcolonial-migrant perspective.

Ignacio Rojas Corral is a PhD Candidate at The University of Melbourne.