3 July – 20 July 2013: Fabian Rojas – Elusive Realities


Gallery 2

Fabian Rojas’s artistic practice employs an analytical and reflective view of the self within various social, personal and cultural contexts. In my work, I internalize and de-construct the notion of the self and the possible displacement of its existence in a technological world. By engaging and interrogating the subject within the present habitus, Fabian Rojas investigates the concept of personal identity and the place that it occupies.

Using a plethora of visual signage in the form of newspapers, drawings and found images, Fabian Rojas arranges his material into stratified layers, geared towards enticing the viewer into a speculative space. The visible texts provide the possibility of unconscious clues to content and interpretation; an improvisational stage in which the constructed and the ready-made images are re-arranged and used to question our making of the world through memory, language and knowledge.

Fabian Rojas is a EdD Candidate at Flinders University