29 April – 16 May 2015: Manfred Krautschneider and Olga Morris – If the beat of a butterfly wing can cause hurricanes, why do our urgent fears fail to effect any change?



In his second show at red gallery Manfred Krautschneider teams up with digital artist Olga Morris. In this latest body of work Krautschneider references his earlier collection Suburban Reflections which began when he noticed modern art motifs in the subtle distortions of streetscapes reflected on imperfect surfaces. Through these Krautschneider began his own reflections on the birth of Surrealism and Cubism, hypothesising that they could have been inspired by observation like those he was photographing.

Simultaneously, he found himself drawn to social readings of the distortions, mainly conjuring up fear of war, disaster and destruction. He also considers how reflections modify space to enhance our experience of insubstantiality.

In a parallel development, Olga Morris’ digitally constructed images range from poetic spatial abstraction to unsettling psychosocial narratives in the urban environment, presented as visions of the evolution of high density city life.

The fear of community breakdown amid our self-destructive politics colours our future. The scale of some urban developments can be overwhelming, causing us to feel insignificant. The built environment can lock us in or out, compartmentalise and alienate us. It can instil anxiety instead of the security that notions of ‘home’ should imply. Morris’ works are a call to action. They convey the dangers of our current societal trends and point to the way forward.