27 November – 14 December: FIN – NMIT Bachelor of Illustration Graduate Exhibition




‘Fin’ is a body of work developed throughout 2013 by graduating students from the Bachelor of Illustration, NMIT. The show celebrates a diversity of practice, covering a broad range of approaches from the hand drawn, to digital illustration, painting, animation, installation, sculpture and sequential artwork.

‘Fin’ showcases a selection of works, expressing notions relating to fantasy, pop culture, natural history, everyday objects, personal experience and the unconscious. A culmination of years of study and creative investigation, the show represents a high-level industry standard, linking passionate emerging artists to the creative industry.

Featuring: Alejandro Aguanta, Kit Bennett, Felicia Choo, Nina Elliott, Zachary Grenfell, Constance Hunter, Shawn Lu, Jay Manley, Daryl Toh, Thomas Van Gaans, Emma Wiesenekker.