27 February – 16 March 2013: Isabel Cuevas – Indivisible


Gallery 2

Cuevas’ practice explores the contrast between apparent chaos; the random, the incidental, and the generated, versus an imposed order that references human intervention and an attempt to observe or control. These works draw on a diverse constellation of subject matter ranging from cellular biology and Buddhism, through to the everyday, as well as more pictorial formalist concerns. Cuevas’s imagery is restrained within a grid-like compositional structure that is cast as a unifying device; exploring the relationship between individual elements indivisible from the whole – a record and metaphor for life.

Cuevas employs printmaking techniques such as intaglio, relief and mono printing, and many of her works on canvas emulate a printmaking aesthetic. This is produced through stenciling procedures, as well as a combination of graphically charged elements such as flattened planes, patterning and tonal juxtaposition.