27 February – 16 March 2013: Catherine Hockey – Land Where You Fall


Gallery 1

Land Where You Fall is a body of work that concentrates on the familiar forms and signs found within our regular surroundings. Moving over the asphalt road like a carpet veiling the land, I am directed by arrows, cordoned by lines, and managed by traffic lights. Roaming through urban spaces I am lead, ushered and, in case of emergency, saved by the sign of a running figure rendered in green and white.

Road signs and markings are there to manage the traffic but when the streets are empty and people gone, they are large paintings.  I choose to focus on these emblematic devices, ignoring the distraction of other infrastructure.

Working and re-working the signs and symbols within an urban environment that direct us, can suggest a subversion of the rules and expectations of society. The patterns of the forms repeated, or the elegance of isolating a form on the painting plane, are all notions I work with.

– Catherine Hockey, February 2013.