28 April – 14 May: Andrea Newton – Homage to Duende

GALLERY 1, 2 + 3

Layered with blood reds and deep shadows, Homage to Duende is an evocative series of new works by Andrea Newton. In various residencies across Spain, the Melbourne-born artist has made work influenced by flamenco, duende, and the dark, romantic pulse of life there, while investigating her matriarchal bloodlines. Reminiscent of Cy Twombly and Georgia O’Keefe, the atmospherics and sense of presence in the darker works speak of love, death and rebirth. Such elemental themes resonate strongly in the cultural history of the Spaniard, a people whose respect for death affirms their passion for life and celebration. Duende is a powerful experience of grace and emotional rapture, bringing goosebumps and joyful tears when felt. Andrea’s dark, fiery roses floating above red horizons are in part, an homage to duende, and a visual celebration of the Spanish character that so captured the artists’ heart.