26 November – 13 December 2014: Vesna Peko Luketic – WO-MAN


Vesna Pek-Luketic, Breaking the Wave, 2014, limited edition print.

Vesna Peko-Luketic, Breaking the Wave, 2014, limited edition print.

For the past three years professional painter and printmaker Vesna Peko-Luketic has been experimenting with Digital Art and printing. Peko-Luketic is fascinated by new forms of technology, which have allowed for her the creative outlet to express a feeling or emotion instantaneously.*

‘I can draw anywhere, at anytime and before me I have a palette of colours and tools on my iPad or iMac […] my iPad has allowed me to express myself throughout my travels around the world.’

Not only concerned with the visual representation of a form or an object Peko-Luketic is drawn to its innate ethereal quality. Taking inspiration from people she has observed in clubs, bars and restaurants they are recreated to express the lyricism of rhythm, music and dance.

Vesna Peko-Luketic completed a Diploma of Art and Design and a Bachelor of Arts Degree at Monash University, Caulfied, Victoria.

*All artworks are supplied with a Certificate of Print Care and Authenticity which is signed and embossed with Vesna Peko-Luketic’s stamp of approval. This certificate guarantees that all digital images produced by the Colour Factory are governed by the edition number and each work is coded for clear identification purposes.