26 November – 13 December 2014: Eddie Botha – The Moving Image



Heavily influenced by Manga comics, Eddie Botha aims to capture a story in a single image. The effect of video on everyday life, and the fact that in every glimpse of daily life, there is a much larger story to be told, has encouraged this narrative.

A succession of images related to each other are combined in an artwork for the viewer to interpret and derive their own story. Topics such as terrorism, religion, sexism, social media, nature and the urban environment play vital roles in Botha’s narratives.

Botha’s works are experimental in style and material. Using mainly markers on mixed media board the picture plain is alive with action, each figure telling a story in a glimpse.

Botha has exhibited widely across Melbourne in both group and solo shows. In October this year he was awarded first place in the Watson’s Art Prize and was a runner up for the 2012 Maitland’s ‘Waste as Art’ Prize.