26 May 2021 – 13 June 2021 G.2 Thalia Robertson ‘Melting’

Untitled, 2020

Thalia Robertson explores the spectacle of glacial landscapes which she revisits in paintings on canvas and paper in combination with the signs and symbols of everyday life. These are inspired by trade markings spray painted onto concrete or bitumen carving up the ground for future building projects. The objective is to draw comparisons between a cultural activity such as painting with the primary activity of the elements and natural ecologies, in order to draw attention to how environmental change is subject to morphogenic processes between humans and their environment.

The inscription of human symbology upon natural landscapes serves as a visual representation of the dynamics of culture and nature. The apparent power of human over land is challenged through the ephemeral nature of the landscape itself. The agency of entities such as glaciers is depicted by their disjuncture with the order imposed on them through symbolic and rational markings.

Opening Event: Wednesday 26 May
Time: 6pm – 8pm
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