26 May 2021 – 13 June 2021 G.1 EP Collective

Something old, something new. Re_ explores how the artists of EP collective converse and traverse their practice whilst connecting with the collective for ideas, feedback, and friendship. Each work has a touch of the Re_ about it whether it be reworking a memory, a concept, or an earlier work.

About EP Collective

EP collective is a group of artists that works across painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and new media. Individual practices are united in their concept-driven approach. Styles in the group span figurative, representational, surreal and abstracted. The collective thrives on the energy it generates as a diverse group, and its respectful interactions as equals regardless of background, education, gender, sexuality or life experience.
Sue Buchanan – Christine Charman – Sharon Crabb – Jen D’Arcy – Jonathon Harris – Wendy Johns – Linda Marie – Sarah Matters – Jane Millington – Onisha Patel
Opening Event: Wednesday 26 May
Time: 6pm – 8pm
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