26 February – 15 March: RED 1 John Drakopoulos & Echo Martin | RED 2 Mary Rogers | RED 3 Myrna McRae & Ned Johnson

Opening Drinks: 26 Feb 6 – 9pm
Special Guest Speaker Helen Brack

‘Elapsed Time’

RED G1 John Drakopoulos

International mixed media artist John Drakopoulos combines art and ecology to observe the timeline of the natural world. Grains of the earth collected from various locations he has visited over the years are used and combined with various pigments to create abstract textured works in organic and geometric forms. His works are expressive of the linear and the more fluid concepts of the passage of time and how it is affected differently by the subjective experience of it.

‘Straight Up Fish’

RED G1 Echo Martin

Echo is an interdisciplinary artist working in sculpture, printmaking, and ink. They draw on rural and urban scenes to look at the incongruities in the everyday. They focus on how, as humans, we can create something from, or even relate to the simplest of tableaus. Drawing from their upbringing in rural Australia, their work in particular examines identity, and the contrast between urban and rural life.


RED G2 Mary Rogers

Mary Roger’s paintings are journeys within land of habitat and place. Each painting is an individual lived experience, arising from encounters throughout the year and communicate a singular yet universal commonality which can be localised to her immediate domestic neighbourhood in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, or within wider rural recreational environments. They are an exploration of the shared experiences between people and creatures who share the same living space and environment together. These commonalities always include the meaning of the habitat from two perspectives simultaneously, that being of both the creature and the people.
The story verse is a reflective conjunction with the painting.

‘Grampians Ascent’

RED G3 Myrna McRae

Myrna McRae’s paintings are drawn from an extended experience of the natural world within the backdrop of the Grampians’ mountain ranges and are an exploration of their colours and forms through imagined and imaginary landscapes. Her use of colour and composition express her own interpretation and connection to this vastly beautiful area.

‘Boundary Fence’

RED G3 Ned Johnson

This selection of work explores the connection between memory and place in various interpretations that draws upon this preservation of memory of place. It also observes a keen awareness between the artist and their natural surrounds as the subject.