26 February – 15 March 2014: Haya Cohen, Virginia Miller, Sonya G Peters – Disturbance of Direction


Disturbance of Direction negotiates three bodies of work where individual and diverse practices are unified in dialogue. Haya Cohen, Virginia Miller and Sonya G Peters share parallels in their approaches; initiated by the conflicts around notions of re-location and dis-location, as well as the tension between the built and natural environment.

Cohen’s textile based installation fuses traditional fabric dying processes and stitching techniques with concerns around displacement and diaspora. Akin to a quilt of repetitive fragments Mending Kerala becomes a receptacle of memory, espousing the way in which traditional and contemporary value systems can both collapse and coalesce.

For Peters, drawing blind is utilised as an artistic strategy towards re-seeing and re-remembering. The material trace of the line suggests a disruption, a disturbance that in turn challenges what is remembered, what is forgotten, and what is imagined. To draw blind is an attempt to reconstruct the fragmented memories of the past to that of the present.

By contrast, Miller incorporates industrial materials and photographic processes to expose or counter urban claustrophobia. Horizon Deficit Syndrome explores the tension between the urban sprawl and the natural geography that can be found in the disruption of the horizon by the cityscape. Traversing the pressure points, these Queensland artists invite the audience to experience and consider, the restless movement that characterises our era and defines Disturbance of Direction.

With thanks to Arts Queensland. The Regional Arts Development Fund is a Queensland Government and Gold Coast City Partnership to support local arts and culture.

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