25 May – 11 June 2011: Catherine Hockey – Between Something


Gallery 3

The forms I work with are a reaction to my immediate surroundings, to the spatial elements and geometric forms that define space. Moving through environments that change dramatically from city to suburban to rural, the forms that inspire me most move from being tightly packed vertical forms to lone monuments in an open landscape. I work with minimal repeated forms and lines. As the eye moves over the painting it takes in changes and fluctuations, creating a sense of movement in the works. I am also interested in the dynamic versus the static. The dichotomy of the dynamic and the static speak of the stop/start nature of how we live, how we observe, how we perceive. The slightest variation in shape, the minutest change in scale or the smallest tweak in measurements can inform how and where a form is placed in a space. The massing of the many, the paring back to a few, the rhythm between the gap and the form Рthese are all notions that are at play in the creation of these works.

– Catherine Hockey

Catherine Hockey completed a Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) at the University of Western Sydney in 1991 and a Postgraduate Diploma in Visual Arts at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2005. She has been an exhibiting artist since the late 1980s, and has shown work frequently in group exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne and regional NSW. She has works in the New England Regional Art Museum collection, the University of Western Sydney collection and in private collections in Australia and overseas. This is her sixth solo exhibition and her third exhibition at red gallery.