24 July – 10 August 2013: Devika Bilimoria – Distant, Relative – A Collection of Colour Photography on Polaroid Paper.


Gallery 1

Bilimoria’s photographic practice explores the push and pull of opposing polarities, in-between spaces and the cyclical nature of concepts and things. Fragments of text, a solitary fingerprint, the effervescent blur of a butterfly wing are all mined for their poetic and emotive potential as Bilimoria estranges familiar objects from easily recognisable and categorical territories.

Using a camera-less Polaroid process involving the techniques of the photogram and cliché verre, Bilimoria exposes light directly through objects onto the now discontinued 669 and 59 Polaroid paper. This results in abstracted images and intriguing textures that elucidate the universal synchronicity between the microcosm and macrocosm.

Drawn from her published text Distant, Relative this selection of intimate workswill be incorporated into an installation involving rare Polaroids illuminated in dirt. Evocative of a burial or an excavation; a homage or discovery, Distant, Relative intimatesan otherworldly quality that is simultaneously, eerily reminiscent of the familiar.