24 July – 10 August 2013: Anita Lester – Roaring, Crawling, Quarrel


Gallery 2

Disarmingly subtle, beautifully detailed and intoxicating in their gentle ferocity, Lester’s invocations of totem creatures take us into a world of animalistic power. The depiction of animal counterparts traced around human heads points towards the physical and mental cohesion attained by identifying an inner beast, which can release and instil a purity of thought and emotion.

In line with its reference to Dylan Thomas’ How Shall my Animal, this exhibition is poetic in style and content. Here we find strength, wild avenues of self-expression and awareness, spiritual guidance and an anthropomorphic awakening.

Lester The Fierce, aka Anita Lester, is a Melbourne based illustrator and musician. Her new latest album will be launched at The Toff in Town on Aug 15. Bookings through Moshtix. www.lesterthefierce.com/events