24 February 2021 – 14 March 2021 | G.3 Linda Marie


anemone songs – artist’s statement


At the water’s edge

the waves surging over my feet

I walked on the sand and breathed in the salted golden dusk

And as I imagined another shore in another time

I picked up a broken, worn skeleton

rolled it in my fingers

and thought of the myriad wondrous living things

that survive and thrive

at the margins


As an artist and scientist, Linda Marie, combines the abstract and organic with the detailed and figurative. Themes of her work include human interactions with the broader environment, personal experience of wild landscapes, the natural world and the history of the planet in a textured, multi-layered process. Her interest in the interface between art and science and how these two disciplines interact and enrich each other is evident in how she balances and related the two concepts within her work.

This work was inspired by and created on the lands of the Wurundjeri, Bunurong, Boonwurrung and Gunaikurnai peoples.