24 February 2021 – 14 March 2021 | G.1 Arthur Dimitriou

Arthur Dimitriou’s concrete structures convey a strength and brutalist aesthetic that reference architectural forms in their degenerative state. He is an interdisciplinary, contemporary artist who works primarily in installation and sculptural practice. Based in Melbourne, Arthur has recently completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Victorian College of the Arts, The Melbourne University. His practice derives from his surrounding natural and urban environments and is inspired by Brutalist architecture of the 1950’s. The investigation into dilapidated and abandoned building sites creates a forum for discussion. A focus on the minute details that are often overlooked or neglected over a time, resulting in degradation, expose the skeletal foundations of monumental structures. A snapshot of the internal foundations is an inspiration for creating new and contemporary works. In isolation, within the gallery space devoid of interference, the work can be appreciated for its strength and its brutalist qualities, creating a special reference that is indicative of the structure it sits within; a juxtaposition of strength and fragility. Arthur explores the natural interplay of erosion and the inevitable breakdown of what is man-made. He primarily works with concrete and reinforced industrial steel to create the foundation of his works, his experimentation of both natural and human processes are intertwined to alter the concrete structures.

Opening Drinks: 24 February 2021 6pm – 8pm