23 September – 10 October 2015: Colleen Morris & Phil Edwards – Fluids: Trans-Disciplinary Studio 2015


Colleen Morris, Pools, 2015, dimensions variable

Colleen Morris, Pools, 2015, dimensions variable

In an ongoing series of exhibitions curated by Colleen Morris red gallery is pleased to present Fluids: Trans-Disciplinary Studio 2015 featuring the work of Colleen Morris and Phil Edwards.

In her current body of work Morris is focused on land and the freshwater landscape – its ecology, place, space, poetry and in particular, water paths, rivers and related environmental issues. These installations become metaphors for memory of place, significance of site, and through their aesthetic, they indicated the poetic aspects linked with the presence of water. When viewing the installations, it is evident that although the artworks and philosophy are positioned primarily in relation to issues of the land, the environment and ecology, they are also concerned with poetry and aesthetics. Her belief is that through this combination of factors, the significance of these issues can be communicated to a wider audience in the community. The artworks reference and interpret water paths, ancient waters and watercourses, in relation to the aesthetics of water, and works that reflect how this poetic vision is threatened by damage to the broader riverine ecological environment.  As an educator and artist she believes that eco-artworks and research of water paths, sustainability and the environment help to create a greater awareness of these issues. Morris has exhibited regularly in both solo and group shows since the mid 1970’s. Her work has been selected for many group exhibitions in Australia and several international exhibitions. Her studio practice encompasses a wide range of media including site- specific installation and sound recordings.

Phil Edwards is a multi-disciplinary artist whose background is in painting. His works over the last 3 decades have also encompassed installation, performance, photography and sound works. Edwards is interested in collaborative practices and has made over 30 artist music CDs as well as numerous video and film pieces. In recent years he has been primarily interested in painting and drawing on paper through which he has been exploring the intersections of abstraction and figuration.