23 July – 9 August 2014: Emma Morgan – They Know About Us


Focusing on animals that are commonly hunted, poached or considered dangerous, They Know About Us is inspired by the constant need and desire to document non-human animals. Favouring the immediacy of pen on paper Morgan also explores the trend to humanise certain animals, as well as our ability (and inability) to coexist with them and how this impacts the way in which we view them both as individuals and groups.

By deliberately isolating each individual subject in order to emphasise its presence, and integrating use of scale and space, Morgan hopes to that her works will convey a collective narrative. The notion of the gaze being diverted or returned also plays a significant role in this body of work as Morgan seeks to explore how subjects can interact with not only the viewer but also with each other.

Morgan is a Melbourne based artist. She graduated from Monash University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts and is completing a Bachelor of Interior Design at RMIT. This is her first solo exhibition.