22 May – 8 June 2013: Peter Gaunt – Wood


Gallery 1

Wood¬†allows us to take a moment to appreciate the inherent beauty of this material and to reflect on its unique contribution to human life. Gaunt’s muted tonal drawings delineate a contrast between the organic and the industrial, using wood as a symbol of human intervention in the natural world. That Gaunt has used charcoal is an ingenious allusion to the source of the medium, making these works profoundly self-referential and underscoring the versatility and value of wood.

This exhibition can be seen as a celebration of this uniquely important and historically resonant resource, and also a poignant acknowledgment of the wastefulness that allows it to be stacked as detritus. Gaunt’s sculptures, constructed from old wooden fence palings, act as a means by which to redress this form of waste and to reinvest this material with purpose and grandeur.