22 May – 8 June 2013: Travis Vella – The Second Guessing


Gallery 2

Travis Vella’s bold delivery of surreal and striking imagery takes the viewer into the unfathomable realm of the artist’s subconscious. The disorienting effect is deliberate, as Vella seeks to convey the plurality of meaning that exists within the inter-subjective framework through which we form our understanding of the world and each other.

Vella’s practice is driven by a desire to externalise his mental idiosyncrasies in a way that forces the viewer to question their own version of reality. Consciously avoiding repetition, formula and stagnation by embracing chance and spontaneity, Vella conveys a cacophony of narratives in lurid hues.

The mechanical mind interrupts the creative; I push it back through shifting boundaries. Painting in this manner allows my own conscious mind to insert new images and ideas into my dreams. Often my paintings drift through my dreaming and have a life inside this realm. -TV