22 July – 8 August 2015: Place and Space

GALLERY 1,2 + 3:


FEATURING: Julie Bradley, Annie Burns, Katharine Campbell, Elizabeth Faul, Penelope Hunt, Claire Mooney, Bernadette Pilli, Carol Swain and Carole Wilson

In Place and Space nine Australian artists present their interpretation of our physical surroundings. For some this is a direct response to changes they have observed in our environments while for others it is an interpretation of their connection to a place.

In Annie Burns’ series of photographs we see the phenomenal natural beauty of Iceland intersected by manmade forms. Katharine Campbell’s works on paper and Carole Wilson’s series of collages also highlight the effect of human impact on our eco systems. Wilson’s choice of contemplative hand cut processes and reclaimed materials are one small attempt to provide a pause in which to consider this state of ecological decline.

In Penelope Hunt’s series of photographs we see how the passing of time can change our sense of place. Elizabeth Faul’s work echoes this sentiment; her works inspire a sense of nostalgia for a childhood surrounded by the natural environment. Bernadette Pilli seeks to revisit the feeling of places she has travelled, transforming memories to record something specifically recalled from that experience.

Inspired by nature, disasters and abandoned building sites Carol Swain’s abstracted paintings create an atmosphere that takes the viewer beyond the here and now. Using pattern and repetition to generate modifiers or replacements for language Claire Mooney’s mix media works seek to subvert and submerge a direct vision of the landscape.

Julie Bradley’s large collage works draw on the mythology of the natural environment. Her works demonstrate an ongoing investigation between humans and the natural world.